Zest is about … real people, real results, real living

Zest Personal Training was established to offer Geelong a fresh alternative in weight loss, fitness and health solutions.

Zest reflects the best elements of everything Lee has experienced during her own journey.

She wants nothing to get in the way of clients achieving goals, so Zest is simple – no memberships, no contracts and no pressure.

Zest’s private, fully-equipped Geelong West studio equates to privacy, flexibility and lower overheads.

With a variety of machine, free weight and cardio equipment, it’s a place of focus and discipline. Zest is also a place of understanding.

Fitter. Trimmer. Healthier. Leaner. Stronger.

Zest understands the importance of short term goals in changing habits.

While helping clients reach these goals (whether that be a wedding, a holiday, a bikini body or just getting that zipper up with ease) Zest educate clients on how to sustain the changes for the rest of their life, to achieve real living.

Zest trainers teach clients how to increase metabolism, how to optimise a training routine and how to fit new habits into busy lifestyles – to zoom in on the client as the priority.

Real results require serious commitment (yours and ours). That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

At Zest, people learn how to enjoy training, to see hard work as an ally and to “laugh while you lose”. A touch of zaniness helps to keep it all real.

Zero in on the Zest Syllabuzz to see what we can do.

Why wait?