Real people, real results, real living

Looking for an experienced personal trainer? Someone who understands what program will suit you best? Motivate you to succeed and embrace a better future?

Then Zest Personal Training is for you.

Zest Personal Training offers a boutique training studio with a real difference, right in the heart of Geelong West. Zest Personal Training is all about the reality of change – acknowledging what needs to be done, learning how change happens, committing to achievable actions and getting on with it. The reward is real, lasting results: weight loss, fitness, well being and a new zest for life.

Principal trainer Lee Nieto leads Zest’s team of personal trainers, dedicated to educating and equipping clients with the tools they need to go it alone beyond the studio. It’s a practical balance of caring and commando, empathy and empowerment, cheekiness and challenge.

Zest Personal Training zooms in on you (the real you) with tailored training programs, individual nutrition plans and more one-on-one attention than you’ve ever had. Tooled up with Zest’s brilliant strategies, you can zero in on real living.

Buzz Lee today to discover real living… What are you waiting for?

What we do…

  • Personal Training
  • Group classes
  • Weight training
  • Cardio sessions
  • Fat loss & body shaping
  • Muscle gain
  • …and lots more!

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Catering to all ages & levels

No matter what your goals, age, or experience, Zest has something to offer you!


“Words can not begin to describe the benefits of becoming part of Zest… Personal training has helped me realise my self strength and the continual growth that comes with training. This in turn strengthens my mind and encourages me to focus on the good the positive and how much I can and have achieved…”

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