Below are just some of the great things that people have to say about Lee and their experience at Zest PT…. go on, have a read and see if you’re ready to take the challenge!

My Zest Journey

I was always a skinny child with a huge appetite and was quite often told that I would end up the size of a house if I kept eating the way I did. Reaching just shy of 100kgs at my heaviest, they weren’t wrong, (amazing what denial can do). I pulled it together and over the following three years got down to 73kgs. I was a very heavy smoker (pack a day,), this became my substitute for food, and at this point I was just skinny, by no means fit. I made the decision to quit smoking and by putting the smokes down, I found a new friend … FOOD. I stacked on the kgs and battled to keep them off, I dieted, exercised, starved myself but nothing seemed to work.

My Zest journey began in Dec 2012 when I heard a loud cackling coming from my mother in laws lounge room. That was when I was introduced to Lee, a ball of energy with an infectious smile. And so it began, weighing in at 86kgs we vowed never to see that number again, and equipped with a new eating plan, exercise regime and attitude I was ready to hit the ground running. The weight was just dropping off, week after week I was blown away, and with my free meal right around the corner I never felt deprived of my favourite foods. Before we knew it my 10 week fitness test was upon us. I smashed it almost doubling everything (eg sit ups). Weighing in at 76.6kgs I’d lost 10 kgs and thought I was invincible.

As there was less and less weight to come off my body I struggled to reach my goal of 75kgs. Decided I was happy at where I was and so maintenance began. The next couple of months I had maintained only fluctuating by a couple of hundred grams. But then over the next weeks I had taken maintenance to the next level, I was gaining weight with each week that passed making any excuse in my head, and when eventually reaching 79kgs I had decided to pull the finger out. I ditched the maintenance and got straight back into it being stricter than ever before. I am now back down to 77kgs and happier and fitter than ever, I could not have done it without Lee’s constant support and encouragement, her advice and nutritional guidance has taught me how to read my body knowing what I can and can’t have and what works for me. Thanks again to the whole Zest team especially Lee for the kick in the bum when required.

Much love, Simone.


Ok so here is my Zest Story.

Five months ago I started with Zest to get fitter. I wasn’t all about the weight but if I lost some along the way well that was a bonus. Reason for joining came when we went to NZ to ski for the first time and I was unable to pull my own body weight around the slopes. The 10 week challenge – was hard – have no idea how I got through it (well maybe those cheeky wines and slices of bread helped) but after I felt like I could attack the world of food with more knowledge and a better understanding of how certain foods affected my body.

Training with Gav as been life changing. He has made me realise that I am fit and that if you set your mind to it you can accomplish anything. Three months into training Gav said “hey Em you should do the Geelong Run – you’re a good little runner”. So what did I do, I signed up my husband and I that night. After signing up my husband turned to and said ‘’who are you? You would never have in a million years sign up for a fun run” and it was true I would never do something like that – but after having trained for three moths I though, yeah I can do that. It was a great day and I did manage to run the entire 6km without stopping. Did it in 36 minutes. Probably the proudest moment yet.

So I would like to say a huge thank you to Gav for being an awesome trainer to me over the past five months. Oh and thanks to Lee for terrifying me by threatening to train me and making me get back on track with my eating.

Kind regards, Emma Kent.


My Zest Story 2010

2009 was a great year with Zest, 2010 was the best! Having been cajoled weekly into beating my PBs and me complaining every step of the way, I was persuaded to join the Cradle Mountain Crew, something I would never have considered and therefore a big step for me. The training period was long and at times arduous. They trip to Wilson’s Prom game me an insight into what it would be like on Cradle. Did I listen? No! Before I knew it there we were at Dore Lake.

That first day, I thought I’d die. Lee was leading the way into the first camp and I was trudging behind sobbing intermittently with exhaustion and fear. I felt pathetic and defeated. But the next day was better and each subsequent day better again. Trekking Cradle was a life changing event and the beginning of a life of trekking I hope. I will always be grateful for Lees’ constant optimism, encouragement and cheerfulness. And love my fellow travellers for their companionship and support.



Five weeks ago I was sitting in the studio with Lee in tears after she advised me that she didn’t think that I was ready to start personal training at Zest. Little did Lee know that this was the biggest motivation for me to start training and to give it everything I had. It certainly has not been as easy and it will be a long road to reach goal, but I have already learnt so much in such a short amount of time. Here are the things I have learnt in the past five weeks:

- Do not get excited when Lee tells you to have carbs with every meal…she is not meaning the good carbs like bread and pasta, but more veggies and salad

- I can use my arms and the side of the walls to lower myself onto the toilet after a legs session (unless a legs session has been followed by an arms session then next day and then I am in trouble!)

- When Gav tells you that you are going for a ‘walk’ that is code for walking lunges in the car park

- If a client who can cheat while doing chin-ups unassisted tells you an exercise in hard, MY GOODNESS is it hard

- Putting myself down during a session leads to burpies so now I speak very highly of myself while training

- Saturday and Sunday mornings actually exists if you are not hung-over

- The concrete floor isn’t too hard to gall onto when doing lunges

- Even without drinking I can be the last one standing on the dance floor

- If Lee tells you the next exercise is ‘easy’ because you get to sit down, do not get excited as they are not

This is just the start of my journey but having lost 5.7kgs in five weeks already I am feeling on top of the world. I cannot wait to reach goal and live my life the way I have always wanted to.



We started training with Lee and Gav eight weeks ago. We weren’t really sure what to expect or whether we would be able to do many of the exercises and activities. The group class sounded particularly challenging. Once we began our sessions, we felt more and more proud of the things we could achieve with support and encouragement from Lee and Gav. In the group class everyone was very friendly and welcoming and it was possible to do things at our own pace without interrupting the rhythm of the group. We have quite a way to go yet, but we are very happy to have some concrete improvements in health and energy and stamina. We enter 2011 with the aim of continuing our journey towards fitness and good health.

Helen and Leigh.


I was about to explode out of my skin I was carrying that much weight, the doctor thought so too – she also made not so vague references to all kinds of nasty hidden things besides the obvious fast. There were apparently health issues about ready to go off big time if I didn’t take myself in hand. So what to do? I have done it before having had the interminable battle of the bulge – exercise and diet, diet and exercise – but I knew I needed some help. Weight watchers? – yawn – hated the meetings. Lite and Easy? – not keen on the non-real food – all those other programs – no not for me and everything had that need for serious exercise that seemed to be the key point, but you had to go and find that elsewhere. That did seem to be the thing I needed.

Yes of course, there had been the gym memberships before but I had never really worked out that you didn’t just hand over the money – you had to actually go at least three times a week and once there do a bit more than swan around a bit and chat. I knew I had to do something and saw the Zest ad in the local paper. I thought about it for a week. Then saw the ad the next week. Hmm 10 weeks and I could see a difference – it was the promise. I knew at my starting weight I would need a few sets of 10 weeks, but I thought about tit just a bit more and then made an appointment to see Lee. Intimate gym, lovely warm trainer who had even experienced her own weight issues (I had already ruled out working with boys in their early 20s, what would they know about me and my needs?). Lee promised no running (clearly an empty promise!).

She did promise results as long as I was ready to commit (not an empty promise). I balked at the no alcohol rule and did in fact last on that one for longer than I ever thought I could and can see what a difference those few chardies can make in the not so good way. So here I am about 12 weeks later, a few kilos lighter, a lot stronger and happier, wearing my older wardrobe of a size down, growing in confidence enough to not wear black all of the time (well nearly), seeing the future and being fit and healthy as a real possibility, knowing I have achieved a few health goals already – it’s amazing how quickly that happens – and my family are really happy about what I am doing. I have said to Lee though the most important thing is this great place that is so intimate and easy to feel comfortable in and accepted in, lovely people to share the journey with and real trust in everyone there because let’s face it – you are certainly at your most vulnerable when you are puffing and moaning and saying no Lee it’s 12 reps already – really ….

Thank goodness for Zest it works and I can’t believe I love it.

Rose Crowe – The journey has begun.


Zest is exactly what I was looking for and exactly what I needed. I was always sports mad – growing up with it, teaching it, laying it, living it…until I took long service leave and became pregnant in my late 30s. Then everything changed and I started to live the coffee, cake and pram lifestyle as you do when you live so near to Pako. I lost my motivation to be active and didn’t really have the time either. So after four years of languishing around living the high life with a bunch of mums and their bubs, I decided I needed something more and I found Zest on the internet. I recognised the pictures as being somewhere close to home that I had walked past numerous times (with the pram on the way to coffee) so I gave Lee a call. What a great start that phone call was… and I haven’t looked back.

I love the classes, the individual work outs, the camaraderie, the friendships, the trainers, and the fact that I am no motivated to be active and healthy every day. I didn’t really lose that much weight but I certainly changed body shape and dropped lots of body fat and that is more important to me than what the scales say. I know I haven’t finished yet and never really plan to finish as there is no end point to being fit and healthy. I have spent way too much money on new clothes and exercise gear and runners and I love it! Everyone lives to get compliments and I am getting a few lately so that is really the icing on the cake – the diet version of course J

Gillian Armstead.


I never thought I’d step back into a gym after a tragic experience five years previously. But here I was at Zest, negotiating a personal training program with Lee. Maybe I should have ignored that remarkable coincidence that brought me here. For a fifty-something woman, I was very scared. But Lee gave me the confidence I needed to start the program. I felt she could get me through what would be some tough times in the gym. And so she has… challenging me physically and emotionally, knowing when to push me and when to back off (if only briefly!).

Fast-forward almost four months and I’ve made some huge changes. I’ve dropped some kilos but I’m not kilo obsessed (thanks to Lee confiscating my scales). I feel fitter and stronger than I have in a long time and I am being good to my body, good to myself and good to the people around me. It feels a bit like I’m taking my body apart and putting it back together like it was meant to be.

If it wasn’t for Lee I wouldn’t have sought professional health for my back and shoulders, ever faced up to training with someone else or contemplated joining in a group training session, let alone aiming for a fun run down the track. Training with Lee is like sharing a mad, laughter-filled roller coaster ride to a better way of living. I‘m still scared, but now I just hand on and enjoy it.

Sheryl Allen.


What has changed for me in the last 10 weeks is the realisation that my health and fitness is a priority. To have a happy healthy family, for me, you need a happy healthy mum. Bye Bye to wine at night and hello training and eating clean. I have a new respect for my body and its capabilities. I am so proud to have competed in a triathlon and the next six look great. I am becoming the person I want to be for the future. Thank you Lee for your support, motivation and wisdom. This has been life changing.

Mary-anne S.


Words can not begin to describe the benefits of becoming part of zest. Lee’s own story of losing weight and keeping it off was inspiring enough, to give it a go. But more so, I knew she would understand the hurdles of biscuits and chocolate that I would have to refuse, and teach me the lesson of how hard it is to burn off 3 seamed dim sims (I don’t eat them any more). Personal training has helped me realise my self strength and the continual growth that comes with training. This in turn strengthens my mind and encourages me to focus on the good the positive and how much I can and have achieved.

I love and need to know that if I have a problem that’s going to affect my focus on mind body or spirit Lee is there, she is my impartial stability of getting back on track. Of simplifying the problem and getting back to business of making me sweat and drink way too much water then is healthy for any bladder. Most of all Zest has become an essential part of my life that I love, I amaze myself with every session. I am looking forward to reaching my short and long term goals with the guidance of Lee and Zest. Thank you for seeing in me what I never thought I could be.

Kerry K.


Training with Lee has helped me to establish a routine of weekly exercise even if it is only once a week. It is now a normal part of my week and although I might not look like I am enjoying it I do look forward to it (scary!!). I feel in control of my weight/weight loss and understand that the choices I make have a direct outcome on my weekly progress. I am much happier with my families diet and for the first time feel that ***** is eating a balanced diet. My family is happily adjusted to a higher protein less carb diet that is lower GI and we all feel better for it. That alone has to be better for our health in general.

My children can discriminate between good choices and occasional foods better now. If feels normal and OK to work out in a gym. For 5 years I’ve been a member at ******** but did not have the confidence to enter the gym and when I did I felt uncomfortable, now I enjoy it and look forward to working out with Lee and sort of miss the gym at ********* because I have been busy. All these small changes are a great step towards my overall goal of being more active and finding time in my day for regular exercise, I have more energy and feel better about myself. People have begun to comment on my improved appearance and I feel good about the changes I have made this year

Yvonne P.


I first met Lee when she was a student completing her Certificate Four in Personal Training. It was here that she demonstrated a strong desire to learn and seek answers to health and fitness related queries. As a student she was probing, thoughtful and innovative and needless to say, she topped the class.

Since then she has undertaken many, many industry related work hours, honing in on her peers knowledge in an effort to improve her own. Lee’s personality is a clients dream, for she lives and breathes a passion for helping others achieve their goals, no matter how big or small they may be. Lee has the capacity to make you cast aside any doubts that you may have with respect to your personal goals. Lee has a “can do” attitude which is demonstrated by her ability to combat and overcome any perceived obstacles that may hinder your personal progress.

I feel confident that Lee can write and prescribe fantastic programs for any number of goals and can complement the exercise with a nutritionally sound and balanced way of eating. Lee is equally at home dealing with the corporate client as well as the average housewife and her training sessions are well-planned, motivating, fun and yet rigorous enough to ensure your session provides the results that you are after. Lee will work you hard, she will expect accountability, and sometimes she will ask you to do homework. In return, you will feel strong, in control of your body, better in general and will be equipped with knowledge on training and nutrition to serve you well into the future.

Ingrid B – Personal Trainer/Studio Owner.


When I started with Lee at Zest Personal Training I was extremely overweight and unfit, weighing 106.5kgs. For me Zest Personal Training is exactly as the name says, “zest” for life. I felt my weight was out of control and I was extremely unhappy with myself, I needed to regain control of my weight. I’ve been attending the group sessions for 9 months, and the reasons I keep going back are due to Lee’s support and understanding of being overweight as she has been there herself. The laughter of the positive environment with the other women also trying for similar goals keeps you going back for more, the ideas for food and diet flow freely. The personal attention you receive from Lee is much better then any large gym where you can quite easily get lost in the crowd. Lee keeps her groups small so she can keep an evil eye on everyone, so there’s no fudging or slacking off.

I love the way Lee slowly builds up your strength, when your over 100kg the last thing you need is to be hammered to the point where you think “I’m not going back to that, it’s too hard”. I’ve now lost 17.6kg and loving it, still got a bit to go but I know that I can achieve what I wish to achieve with Lee’s support. Anyway, the last thing I’ve got to say about Zest is it doesn’t get much better than being able to be totally comfortable with being flatulent in your trainers face! I think that says it all!!!

Sharon J.