On the health road you are taking it’s often easy to slip a little something into the diet that gives us a boost, makes us happy, helps when we are down or does it.

The research is growing to show sugar is also poisoning us.

Studies are proving sugar to be the biggest cause of fatty liver, which leads to insulin resistance, which then causes metabolic syndrome.

It’s is now being seen as the biggest precursor to heart disease and diabetes and cancer.

Ways it can affect your body:

-          Throws the body temperature control

-          Suppresses the immune system and impairs your     defense against disease

-          Causes rapid rise in adrenaline, hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulty concentrating and crankiness in children.

-          Feeds cancer cells.

-          Causes an acidic digestive tract, indigestion and malabsorption.

-          Elevates inflammation.

-          Leads to weight gain and obesity

Next time you feel like a treat keep these figures in mind.

-          5 grams of sugar = 1 teaspoon

-          Orange soft drink has 26g of sugar per 250ml.  Small glass has 5 tsps of sugar.

-          Rum and coke has 35g per 375ml can.  7 tsps of sugar

-          Berri orange juice has 18.8g per 200ml.  4 tsps of sugar

-          Coke has 43g per 390ml serve. 8.5 tsps of sugar

-          Chocolate, depending on brand, has 25g per bar. 5 tsps of sugar

-          1 chocolate chip cookie has 44g. 9 tsps of sugar

-          Ice cream 1 serve has 23g. 5 tsps of sugar

-          White bread 1 slice has 15g. 3 tsps of sugar

-          1 donut has 30g. 6 tsps of sugar.

The message is; ensure you are getting enough of the right food in so you will avoid the need for that sugar rush.

- Gav

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