If you are not getting a good 7-8 hours rest each night, then you might be sabotaging the weight loss benefits of your gym work-outs and good nutrition.

Many studies suggest that people who sleep less tend to weigh more. Why? There are many reasons.

Sleep deprivation can cause a chemical imbalance in the hormones that regulate eating and appetite, making crave more food and food higher in carbohydrates and fat.

Insomnia can slow down your metabolism, resulting in you burning less energy (calories/kilojoules).

When you sleep less, you feel fatigued and less likely to exercise or commit to counting your calories, weighing food, recording what you eat or sticking to your food intake commitment.

So how can you up your ZZZ’s and get a good night’s rest? Try restricting your caffeine intake in the hours before hitting the sack and also reconsider your pre-bed routine: is it relaxing and restful or are you watching shoot-em-up action movies and then expecting your brain to slip off into the land of nod?

And get moving! In another of life’s “magical” circular truisms, the more you exercise, the better you sleep and the better you sleep, the more motivated you feel about exercise. Yep, it all goes ‘round.

And there’s another bonus, apart from boosting your weight loss … healthy sleeping habits can lower stress and anxiety, making you a much nicer person to be around!